Affiliate programs

I know what you are thinking "Oh no, yet another site on how to get rich over night using affiliate programs! There will probably be his boring book I need to buy." Well to put your mind at ease I haven't written any books yet and there aren't any get rich quick schemes on this site since I didn't get rich yet.

Now your asking yourself what are you doing here and what is this site for if I'm not filthy rich? Well, since I'm working on my road to fame and fortune and since I'm not really a blog person I have decided to start this site as way of sorting my mind and to avoid losing good info and links I run into and if I it makes some extra money oh well...

Hopefully you'll find some good info on web design, hosting, affiliate programs and avoid some of my early mistakes in web development.

And as part of shameless self-promotion here are sites I own and/or maintain beside this one:

  • Fotosajam - Zagreb photo fair of which I'm a one of the founders
  • - my hobby website, covering huge area from PC strategy games, military history, biographies down to scale models!